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Vol.14 No.1, February 2008

Saving Wild Rice: The Rise and Fall of the Nett Lake Dam.Tsegaye Habte Nega

Science, Environment and Empire History: Comparative Perspectives from Forests in Colonial India. K. Sivaramakrishnan

Spanish Wood Pasture: Origin and Durability of an Historical Wooded Landscape in Mediterranean Europe.Vincent Clement

'Loved to Death': Coral Collecting in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 1770-1970. Ben Daley and Peter Griggs

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Vol.14 No.2, May 2008
Special Issue - Australia Revisited, edited by Libby Robin and Mike Smith

Australian Environmental History: Ten Years On.Libby Robin and Mike Smith

A 'Sportsman's Paradise': The Effects of Hunting on the Avifauna of the Gippsland Lakes.Coral Dow

Re-writing the History of Australian Tropical Rainforests: 'Alien Invasives' or 'Ancient Indigenes'?Rachel Sanderson

Landscape Histories: Mapping Environmental and Ecological Change Through the Landscape Art of the Swan River Region of Western Australia.Andrea Gaynor and Ian McLean

Soil: A Real and Imagined Environment for Australian Organic Farmers and Gardeners in the 1940s.Rebecca Jones

The Spectre at the Feast: The Emergence of Salt in Victoria's Irrigated Districts.Hilary Susan Howes

'Folk-Ecology' in the Australian Alps: Forest Cattlemen and the Royal Commissions of 1939 and 1946.Chris Soeterboek

Selling the 'Untold Wealth' in the Seas: A Social and Cultural History of the South-east Australian Shelf Trawling Industry, 1915-1961.Richard J. Gowers

Return to Eden: Van Diemen's Land and the Early British Settlement of Australia.James Boyce


Vol.14 No.3, August 2008

Three Dimensions of Environmental History.J. Donald Hughes

A Native American System of Wetland Agriculture in Different Ecosystems in the Ecuadorian Andes (15th-18th Centuries). Chantal Caillavet

Riding the Tide: Indigenous Knowledge, History and Water in a Changing Australia.Heather Goodall

Biodiversity and Traditional Land Use in South-Central Sweden: The Significance of Management Timing. Anna Dahlström, Tommy Lennartsson and Jörgen Wissman

The Environmental Footprint of War. Joseph Hupy


Vol.14 No.4, November 2008
Special Issue - Trans-Tasman Forest History, edited by Brett J. Stubbs, Paul Star and Michael M. Roche

Editorial.Brett J. Stubbs, Paul Star and Michael M. Roche

The Banks Peninsula Forests and Akaroa Cocksfoot:Explaining a New Zealand Forest Transition.Vaughan Wood and Eric Pawson

Environmental Failure, Success and Sustainable Development: The Hauraki Plains Wetlands Through Four Generations of New ZealandersMatthew Hatvany

Forest Conservation and the Reciprocal Timber Trade between New Zealand and New South Wales, 1880s-1920s.Brett J. Stubbs

Imperial Ethos, Dominions Reality: Forestry Education in New Zealand and Australia, 1910-1965.Michael M. Roche and John Dargavel

Trees of Gold and Men Made Good? Grand Visions and Early Experiments in Penal Forestry in New South Wales, 1913-1938.Benedict Taylor

Tree Planting in Canterbury, New Zealand, 1850-1910.Paul Star

Colonial Geographies of Settlement: Vegetation, Towns, Disease and Well-Being In Aotearoa/New Zealand, 1830s-1930s.James Beattie

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