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Environmental Values

Morality and Climate Change: Is Leaving your TV on Standby a Risky Behaviour?

Catherine Butler

Environmental Values 19 (2010): 169-192. doi: 10.3197/096327110X12699420220554


There is a growing literature which examines the ways in which individualised responsibilisation of 'risky behaviours' also entails moralisation. In UK discourses about climate change, certain individualised behaviours (e.g. leaving appliances on standby) are designated as responsible and/or good and correspondingly as irresponsible and/or bad. In this context, the decision to engage or not engage in these types of behaviour can be seen as becoming increasingly moralised. Drawing on focus group discussions with members of the British lay public (participant n96), this paper brings together public(s) (re)production of and negotiated responses to the moral undertones of this aspect of climate change discourse with theories of risk, morality and responsibility to develop important insights for conceptualising climate change mitigation.


Public perceptions, risk, responsibility, ethics, governance

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