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Vol.26 No.1, February 2020
Disasters and the Making of Asian History

Special Issue edited by Chris Courtney and Fiona Williamson

EDITORIAL. Chris Courtney and Fiona Williamson

Under the Volcano: Mount Mayon and Co-Volcanic Societies in the Philippines. Greg Bankoff

Event, Process and Pulse: Resituating Floods in Environmental Histories of South Asia. Rohan D'Souza

Earthquakes and the Environmental Transformation of a Floodplain Landscape: The Brahmaputra Valley and the Earthquakes of 1897 and 1950. Arupjyoti Saikia

The Fight Against Heaven-Sent Insects: Dealing with Locust Plagues in the Emirate of Bukhara. Jeanine Elif Dağyeli

From Bodhisattva Earth to Man-Made Meat Essence: Famine Foods in Late Qing, Nationalist and Maoist China. Kathryn Jean Edgerton-Tarpley


Sarah M. Hamilton, Cultivating Nature: The Conservation of a Valencian Working Landscape (Angel Paniagua)

Nikhil Anand, Akhil Gupta and Hannah Appel (eds), The Promise of Infrastructure (Marco Spada)

Joshua Macfadyen, Flax Americana: A History of the Fibre and Oil that Covered a Continent (Barbara Hahn)


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Vol.26 No.2, May 2020

EDITORIAL. Karen R. Jones

Desert Dreams of Drinking the Sea, Consumed by the Cold War: Transnational Flows of Desalination and Energy from the Pacific to the Persian Gulf. Michael Christopher Low

Water, Sand, Molluscs: Imperial Infrastructures, the Age of Hydrology, and German Colonialism in Swakopmund, Southwest Africa, 1884-1915. Martin Kalb

The Challenge of Oral History to Environmental History. Brian Williams and Mark Riley

'Living in a State of Filth and Indifference to … Their Health': Weather, Public Health and Urban Governance in Colonial George Town, Penang. Fiona Williamson and Katrina Proust

Cotton and Salt: Swedish Colonial Aspirations and the Transformation of Saint Barthélemy in the Eighteenth Century. Holger Weiss, Laura Hollsten and Stefan Norrgård


Deborah R. Coen, Climate in Motion: Science, Empire, and the Problem of Scale (Martin Kalb)

Jeff Schauer, Wildlife between Empire and Nation in Twentieth-Century Africa (Christopher Conz)

Christopher Abram, Evergreen Ash: Ecology and Catastrophe in Old Norse Myth and Literature (Karen Oslund)



Vol.26 No.3, August 2020

EDITORIAL. Karen R. Jones

Ventilation for the Nation: Fresh Air, Sunshine, and the Warfare on Germs in China's National Quest for Hygienic Modernity, 1849-1949. Rune Svarverud

A Tale of Two Yorkshire Villages: The Local Environmental Impact of British Reservoir Development, c.1866-1966. Andrew McTominey

Nature Mistaken: Resource-Making, Emotions and the Transformation of Peatlands in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Katja Bruisch

Sheep, Scab Mites, and Society: The Process and Politics of Veterinary Knowledge in Lesotho, Southern Africa, c. 1900-1933. Christopher R. Conz

Conserving Wildlife Resources in Zimbabwe: Reflections on Chirinda Forest, 1920s-1979. Noel Ndumeya


Wolfgang Behringer, Tambora and the Year without a Summer - How a Volcano Plunged the World into Crisis (David Chester)

Debjani Bhattacharya, Empire and Ecology in the Bengal Delta. The Making of Calcutta (Peter Robb)

Gabriella Corona, A Short Environmental History of Italy. Variety and Vulnerability (Claudio de Majo)



Vol.26 No.4, November 2020

EDITORIAL. Karen R. Jones

OBITUARY: Richard Hugh Grove (1955-2020). John M. MacKenzie

The Monster in the Corner of the Map: Russian Visitors Describe Nature on Sakhalin Island (1850-1905). Sharyl Corrado

Modern Nature for a Modern Nation:An Intellectual History of Environmental Dissonances in the Swedish Welfare State. Erland Mårald, Christer Nordlund

'From Now on We All Demand: Give Us Pure Ice!' - Natural and Artificial Ice in the Service of Food Hygiene in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Helsinki, Finland. Paula Schönach

War of the Whales: Climate Change, Weather and Arctic Conflict in the Early Seventeenth Century. Dagomar Degroot

The Nature of Mafia: An Environmental History of the Simeto River Basin, Sicily. Marco Armiero, Filippo Gravagno, Giusy Pappalardo, Alessia Denise Ferrara


Russell McGregor, Idling in Green Places: A Life of Alec Chisholm (Paul Star)

Cara New Daggett, The Birth of Energy: Fossil Fuels, Thermodynamics, and the Politics of Work (Bob Johnson)

Shawn William Miller, The Street is Ours: Community, the Car, and the Nature of Public Space in Rio de Janeiro (Joel Wolfe)


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